Small Business Incubator

Northwest Technology Center's Business Incubator is designed to create and nurture the growth and development of a new or start-up business. Space is available for service, light manufacturing and wholesale business tenants. Additionally, tenants are able to use conference rooms and office equipment. Professional services including business plan preparation, operational guidance, pre-employment screening and testing, governmental contracting, customer service training, marketing plan preparation and implementation and many additional services are also available. Incubator tenants also receive an Oklahoma Income Tax exemption.

Facilities Available For Your Business

Available Rooms
Office 101 - 191 Sq. Ft.
Office 102 - 182 Sq. Ft.
Office 105 - 205 Sq. Ft.
Office 106 - 203 Sq. Ft.
Office 107 - 193 Sq. Ft.
Bay 103 - 1470 Sq. Ft.
Bay 104 - 610 Sq. Ft.
Room 118 - 771 Sq. Ft.
Room 121 - 771 Sq. Ft.
Room 127 - 762 Sq. Ft.

Are You Interested in Starting A Small Business in Woods County?

Then you should know these facts about locating your business in an incubator:

The purpose of an incubator is to promote, encourage and advance economic prosperity and employment throughout the state by creating a more favorable tax and business climate for the tenants of the incubator facility.

Who can be a tenant? Any sole proprietorship, business partnership or corporation operating a for-profit business.

What are the benefits? Incubators provide business development services to clients. They also provide adequate furnishings and equipment. Rental fees reflect the expected growth of the business.

What about the tax-exemption? There is a state income tax exemption for tenants for a period of up to ten years.

Where do I find an incubator? There are three right here in Woods County: Northwest Technology Center, Town of Dacoma, and Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

How do I participate? Contact Allan Poe at 580.327.0344 or by e-mail at


Monica Tompkins Photo"I have a candle manufacturing company in the Business Incubator at Northwest Technology Center. I really enjoy the benefits that an incubator affords a new business including tax incentives, access to advice and expertise as my business grows and the great facility that I can utilize."
Monica Tompkins, Owner of Prairie Wind Candle Co.